GenQuizitive Live! - How to Play!


GenQuizitive Live! is an interactive, genealogy game where groups of players join together and play with each other "live" over the internet. A modern web browser and an internet connection are required to play. One player, the creator, logs into their online family tree and sets up a GenQuiz Live game. The creator then invites other players to join their GenQuiz by sharing that game's unique GenQuiz ID. When the game starts each player will have 2 minutes to answer the same question. The faster you answer a question, the more points you receive. Incorrectly answering a question will add penalties which will also cause you to lose points. When everyone has answered a question, the game moves onto the next question.

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GenQuizitive Live! is a great activity for family night or for family reunions.

Creating a GenQuiz

When you first come to the game you will have the option to create a new GenQuiz or Join an existing one.

If you select to create a game, you will be asked to connect to your FamilySearch account. This allows you to play with your personal family history. By logging into FamilySearch you agree to allow GenQuizitive to read your family tree data. Your family tree data will be used to generate the questions for the GenQuiz. Anyone who joins your game will be able to view the questions that are generated. They will not be able to access any other data from your family tree account.

Choose a central person

After you connect to your family tree, you will be asked to select a central person. This central person and their family members will be used to generate the questions in your GenQuiz. You may select a person by clicking on someone in your tree, or by searching for them using the search form.

GenQuiz Properties

Next you will be asked to select some properties for your GenQuiz. These properties include the number of questions to include, a difficulty level, and whether or not to include living people.

When GenQuizitive generates the game's questions is uses the difficulty level to control how many generations to expand from the central person and how many facts to show.

For privacy, you may choose not to show questions with data from living relatives. If you choose to allow the data of living relatives, know that those whom you invite to join your game will also see the data used in those questions. Unless you are playing with close relatives, it is recommeded not to show living data. If you select a living person as the centeral person, then you will not be able to turn living data off.

Publishing your GenQuiz

The final step is to publish your GenQuiz. The GenQuiz is not available until you publish it. An ID will be generate for your GenQuiz based on the central person you selected. You may change the GenQuiz ID by editing it on this screen. The GenQuiz ID must be unique. You should select something easy for others to remember as they will have to enter this ID to join your GenQuiz.

You will also be asked to enter your name. Other players will see your name on scoreboards as you play the game.

Playing the Game!

As players join your GenQuiz, you will see their name appear on your screen. When you believe everyone has joined, you may start the game which will generate and present the first question.

A the creator, you have control of the game. The next question will not start until you believe all players are ready and press the button to continue. If you leave the game at anytime, then the game will end and of the players will be removed from the game.

Joining a GenQuiz

To join a GenQuiz, press the "Join" button on the main screen.

In order to join a game, the creator must give you the game ID they used to setup the game. Enter this game ID in the field provided.

You will also be asked to enter your name. Other players will see your name on scoreboards as you play the game.


After you successfully join a GenQuiz, you will wait until the creator starts the game.

When the game starts, you will be shown the first question. You will have 2 minutes to answer the question correctly. The faster you answer the question, the more points you receive. If you answer a question incorrectly you will receive a penalty.

After you answer the question you will see a scoreboard with all of the players scores. After everyone has answered the question, the creator may move onto the next question.